Water pressure in homes is often determined by the water pressure preset by the Coral Springs Water Department. Water pressure usually occurs on different values of either low, normal or high. Low pressure is when the pound per square inch of the supplied water is less than seventy five while high pressure is when pound per square inch values are above eighty up to one hundred and fifty. With these fluctuations in flow rate of home water comes different problems on the plumbing systems.  If you are having a water pressure or flow problem we can help! Give Plumber Coral Springs a call at (954) 344-2530. Here are some of the problems a water pressure problem can cause:


Leakages usually happen along the mains of the plumbing system. The water at a high pressure usually finds its way out of the water mains via tiny openings along the line especially near the joints in the pipes. The intensity of the leakages is mainly dependent on the number of joints along the mains and the existing water pressure. Leakages are also evident in areas around taps which are not well fixed and also at the water-hose leading into the washing machine.


Pressures between one hundred and one hundred and fifty pounds per square inch usually lead to massive damages to the pipes along the mains. This damage is mainly through the bursting of the mains pipe. Bursting is likely to happen when there is a great change in water pressure hence exposing the pipes to pressures that they are unable to handle. Bursting of the pipes is a huge problem and expense. The majority of the pipes that usually suffers from bursting are the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes that have aged. Digging up the pipes and replacing them is usually the best solution at this point.


Heavy pipes carrying large volumes of water may cause flooding if they break. Flooding is likely to happen when pipes with large amounts of water under high pressure are not attended to or maintained over a long period of time. Flooding is likely to occur in the buildup area or a pipe joint where the leakages usually occurs.


Wasted water can be defined as the water that does not reach its intended destination due to faults along the water mains. Damages caused due to the high pressure levels of water usually cause a lot of water to be wasted. Water leaks can also cause foundation problems because the water has nowhere to go. The only solution may lead to the area or block being cut off at the mains lines to prevent further wastage and flooding. Your neighbor’s water within the area may have to be cut off as well to fix the problem.

On the other hand, water pressure below fifty pounds per inch is referred to as low pressure. It is usually caused by low flow rate of water to the homes that usually leads to deficiency in water supply to either some of the plumbing fixtures or all of them in a home. Main causes of low pressure of water varies and is as follows:


Gate valves are responsible for the control of water that enters the home while the ball valves controls the level of water required in the water storage. Any partial closure of the gate valve causes back-flow of water hence making water that reaches the destination to have a reduced pressure.


Corrosion due to the gradual building up of the minerals within the galvanized plumbing pipes causing the pipes to become blocked. This is usually a very expensive repair as it requires the homeowner to permanently replace the corroded pipes.


Clogging of water pipes usually happens in pipes that had been left dry for a long period of time. The clogged pipes are unable to undergo a self cleansing and water pressure dies off before reaching the clogged area. Clogging is also evident in hot water pipes over a long period of time and in foul water pipes due to flushing with water at low pressure. It is important to continuously check the water pressure using a gauge and also to install pressure regulators to ensure pressures from the Coral Springs Water Department are to standard. If you are having any kind of water pressure problems, give Plumber Coral Springs a call at (954) 344-2530. We can test your system and discover the source of your problem and fix it before it becomes a BIG problem!

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